Feedback from students



I just finished the test. I crushed it! I honestly didn't think i was going to do that well seeing that it's been a while since class. I went over all the homework last night and took it this afternoon. I literally had a 1 hour to review everything and finished with 30 minutes to spare. 

I just wanted to say once again thank you so much. You are a great teacher and really prepped us so well. Thank you, 



I wanted to thank you, I passed. Your strategy was spot on. I went through the test and answered what I knew and after 20 minutes I had 30-35 positive answers and I knew at that point I was going to pass. So again thank you. You did a good job getting us ready.



I took the unrestricted license exam yesterday and passed - yeah!!   I want to thank you for helping me. Your class was organized and focused and you always seemed like there were certain things you wanted to go over. I would definitely recommend the course, and especially you as an instructor. I heard from someone in my class who was retaking the class, that his previous instructor basically just showed videos, and didn’t contribute personally to the class. Not the case at all with you - I felt that you were truly dedicated to your job, and the results of the students, so thank you very much!! 



Wanted to say thanks again for your direction in preparing for the test. I barely needed to open the book to answer the questions, so thank you for that.



 Thank you so much for all your help and for being a RockStar teacher!   I passed today.   Of the 52 I needed to get correct to pass..  I had 37 of them that I knew were correct (due to the homework assignments) done within 30 minutes of starting. Other 2.5 hrs I used to look up other answers.... it was so nice to know that I had 2.5 hrs to get 15 more answers correct!!!  Thank you!!!



I just wanted to let you know I took my exam today and passed it thank you so much for everything your class was the best